Drivers & Apps changelog

v2.2.2 MK3MK2.5MK3/MK2.5 Multi Material 2.0MK2SMK2/S Multi Material 1.0MK2 (23 novembre 2018)

  • Slic3r 1.41.2
    • Improved OpenGL rendering performance on OSX Mojave
    • Fixed some crashes when slicing multi-material prints
    • Fixed invalid extruder assignment after switching from a multi-material printer profile to a single-material printer profile.

v2.2.1 MK3MK2.5MK3/MK2.5 Multi Material 2.0MK2SMK2/S Multi Material 1.0MK2 (27 ottobre 2018)

  • Slic3r 1.41.1
    • Custom supports - support blocker & enforcer modifier meshes
    • Improved quality of supports
    • Multi Material fixed and improvements
    • Bug fixes - see full changelog below
  • MK2.5 MMU2 Support
  • MK2.5 MMU2 G-codes
  • Added a link to New User Guides at the end of the installation

v2.2.0 MK3MK2.5MK3/MK2.5 Multi Material 2.0MK2SMK2/S Multi Material 1.0MK2 (30 agosto 2018)

  • New sample objects for the MMU 2.0
  • New Slic3r PE v1.41.0
    • Multi Material 2.0 upgrade support
    • Wipe into infill and/or into object
    • Reworked object arrangement (place on bed)
    • Accurate print time estimates for the stealth mode
    • "Remaining time to finish" feature implemented (firmware 3.3.0 or higher required)
    • Rotation & scaling of the object
    • Upgraded "out of build volume" detection
    • Improved wipe tower

v2.1.8 MK3MK2.5MK2SMK2/S Multi Material 1.0MK2 (5 luglio 2018)

  • New version of Treefrog sample G-code
  • New Slic3r PE v1.40.1
    • Extension of the firmware updater for the MK3 (allowing flash firmware 3.3.0 and higher with the support of localization to CZ, IT, DE, PL, and ES)
    • Showing the print bed image for the MK2 and MK3
    • Support for the NetFabb STL fixing service under Windows 10
    • Improved Octoprint integration
    • Improved loading of the AMF files
    • Bug fixes (see full Github release log below)

v2.1.7 MK3MK2.5MK2SMK2/S Multi Material 1.0MK2 (14 giugno 2018)

  • Firmware Updater integrated into Slic3r PE
  • ColorPrint app removed (replaced with online/web version)
  • New Slic3r PE v1.40.0 (major release)
    • Improved G-code preview
    • Automatic download of presets
    • Printer-specific icons removed. New settings management for all printers and a new configuration wizard
    • Enhanced Multi Material support
    • Full localization into 7 languages (Czech, French, German, Italian, Polish, Spanish and Ukrainian)
    • Detection whether a model fits inside the print volume
    • Gyroid infill
    • 3MF format support, AMF compression
    • And many more (see full Github release log below)

v2.1.6 MK3MK2.5MK2SMK2/S Multi Material 1.0MK2 (29 maggio 2018)

  • Improved sample G-codes for MK3
  • Firmware version info updated in MK3 settings in Slic3r PE

v2.1.5 MK3MK2.5MK2SMK2/S Multi Material 1.0MK2 (8 maggio 2018)

  • Updated Windows installer
  • Slic3r PE updated to 1.39.2 with new slowdown cooling logic improving print quality of smaller objects.

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