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Filtra le stampe per categoria o per tipo di stampante

Two-face Harvey Bust made by Fotis Mint

Kingslayers hand from Game of Thrones printed by Fotis Mint

Hearthstone from World of Warcraft! printed by GoldXD

A flexible velociraptor! Designed and printed by Cavedog

Low poly Thinker designed and printed by LXO

Et tu Prusa? Printed by Javaroad77

Clever battery holder made by fafabienman

AT AT printed by kevtucker77

Lowest poly Moai designed and printed by LXO

3d printed DnD Tarrasque. Printed by psn_jronne

DeathTrooper printed by kwmcmillan

Iconic Needler from HALO printed on Original Prusa i3 Mk2

Mandalorian sculpt designed by David Eastman, print and post process by Christian Mendez.

CLAPTRAP - CL4P-TP general purpose robot Made by one and only Mikoláš Zuza

MEDIEVAL INN Print and post process by Joshua Granat

Very fancy can holder! printed by Roel Bakker, designed by Ars Moriendi 3D.

BABY GROOT Print and post process by Adam Frajka

Farscape anyone? Printed with i3mk3 - made by Two Brains studio

This lamp was designed and printed by Dominic Jenner

All printed - not a drop of paint! Printed by Gerald Wagner

Swedish Stridsbåt 90H - Printed and painted by Kjell Rothin

MEDIEVAL BARRACKS print and post process by Joshua Granat

EXTERMINATE! - Dalek printed by David Wu

Jewellery by Clearmindcasting

Sign by spare.time.addiction

Displays and packing for jewellery by Clearmindcasting

Jewellery printed by clearmindcasting

Daughter of the Sea printed by de3dprintman

Silver Surfer printed by david_warboss

Xenomorph printed by Printactix

Batman's printed by david_warboss

Colosseum printed by

The Mandalorians printed by stanislavkopecny

Notre Dame printed by de3dprintman

Elder Lighthouse model printed by de3dprintman

Postprocessing of the Lich King from #wow

Engine Block by de3dprintman

Brick Tower by @kijaidesign

Christmas Elf Statue by @jsstudiocz

Vase printed by thenewhobbyist

Desk Trash Can printed by de3dprintman

Wonder Woman printed by the3dprintman

200 followers sign by 3d_diy_dave

F1 sim racing steering wheel printed by de3dprintman

Screw and Nut by Ondřej Stříteský

Baby Yoda printed by citneo_3d

Darth Vader model by @eastman3d

Kurama printed by citneo_3d

Golden Ticket printed by de3dpritman

WINTER IS HERE print and post process by Adam Frajka - printed on custom MK2

Hilbert Curve Marble run by moebio

Miniature printed with 0.25 mm nozzle designed by RocketPigGames

Tiny bike by Prusa Research

Velociraptor head designed by AndyPandy

Kuiil from The Mandalorian printed by 3dprint Man

Rogue printed by Uncle Jessy and designed by Eastman

Bust sculpt printed by Chris Russell

Flowers printed by Paweł Szaławiński

Prusa i3 MK3S extruder parts printed by De 3D Printman

Eiffel Tower printed by Marty

Original Prusa SL1 Test Object by Prusa Research

Teeth model printed by Luke J Turner

Speaker Cover by Peter Hofman

Eagle printed by Jens Giesser

Airplanes printed and assembled by James Wardle #mechanical

Switch - printed by Anthony Martin III  

Did someone said Mandalorian?

Wall-E printed by Kyle Brinker

"Dad, i want Nintendo switch" printed by Corey Adams-Copeland

Baby Yoda  

Printed by Dennis Warzecha

Made by Andrew Vandendaele on original i3 Prusa MK3S

Santa Claus printed by Colin Smith

printed by Dimitris Karagiannis

Printed by Patrice Beffrey

Rigid Heddle Loom printed by Gary Askham

Multi-Color Totem Pole printed by Colin Smith

Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral printed by Pierino Camillone

Terraforming Mars Replacement Tiles

Dental tools holder by Mikolas Zuza  

Prusa MK3 - SideBoxes for some Tools by KalleKnall

Bust of Beethoven by Mark Galbraith

Prusa Printer Enclosure V2 – with MMU2S support

Original PRUSA i3 MK3 puzzle

Mount Taranaki 3D puzzle by Ondrej Stritesky

Mini Server / NAS Case by toby.k

Pendulum Clock by steven.p8

Snail by flioink

Zetor 3017 by M&A 3D tlač

Animal Cell printed by majsterkowo